Science and Humanism Workshop         
University of Miami         
6-7 November 2020

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The workshop will explore connections between science and humanism, through a discussion of a number of overlapping issues concerning the viability of naturalism and the comparative status of scientific and other knowledge, the capacity or potential of scientism for setting limits on humanist self-understanding, the interplay between traditions or views of science and agendas of positive social change, promoting the common good through directions of research and/or institutional structures, managing the value-ladenness of science in ways that advance collective welfare, enhancing the public understanding of science and combatting science denialism, and increasing the uptake of scientific knowledge in government, the law, and public policy. 

With keynote presentations by:

Akeel Bilgrami (Columbia University)
Matthew J. Brown (University of Texas at Dallas)
Janet A. Kourany (University of Notre Dame)
Gurpreet Rattan (University of Toronto)

And contributed papers by: 

Kareem Khalifa (Middlebury College)
Alexandru Manafu (York University)
Parysa Mostajir (University of Chicago)
Ioan Muntean (University of North Carolina Asheville and Western Carolina University)
Jamie Shaw (University of Toronto)

Program Committee 

Elizabeth Cantalamessa, University of Miami
Anjan Chakravartty, University of Miami
Timothy D. Lyons, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
Gurpreet Rattan, University of Toronto


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