Resources & Links

Below is a short list of links and resources for research in the philosophy of education.


Philosophy of Education Society

The Philosophy of Education Society is a group devoted to promoting the philosophical study of education, and cultivating fruitful relationships, both between workers in general philosophy and workers in philosophy of education, and between scholars in philosophy of education and those in other areas of education. The site includes links to PES publications and other publications concerned with education, teaching and research resources, and a list of relevant organizations and sites.

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

The PESGB supports Òthe study, teaching and application of philosophy of education.Ó The site includes information about PESGB activities, and links to other sites concerned with philosophy of education.

International Network of Philosophers of Education

The INPE is Òdedicated to fostering dialogue amongst philosophers of education around the world.Ó The site has information on the Network, and a link to Ethics and Education , the INPEÕs official journal.

The American Educational Studies Association

The AESA is an international society that provides a cross-disciplinary forum for students, scholars, and professionals to

The Center for Dewey Studies

The Center for Dewey Studies is a center for ongoing publishing projects and research materials that focus on the life and work of the American philosopher and educator John Dewey.


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Philosophy of Education

This entry covers basic issues in the philosophy of education, including problems in dileneating the field, the import of the analytic tradition, and figures such as Rosseau and Dewey. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy itself is an exceptional resource for those interested in philosophical issues: each article is written and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field.


Philosophy of Liberal Education

This site contains a long list of books and articles discussing the philosophy of education. This excellent resource also includes many links to online articles.


Educational Theory

Educational Theory serves as a forum for philosophical inquiry about education. While it focuses on foundational issues in the philosophy of education, it also encourages cross-disciplinary exchanges between philosophy and other fields.

Journal of Philosophy of Education

Journal of Philosophy of Education is a quarterly journal that publishes on a wide variety of issues in education, from fundamental philosophical questions to detailed critiques of contemporary educational practice.

Theory and Research in Education

Theory and Research in Education publishes both theoretical and empirically informed papers relating to educational theory, policy, and practice, providing philosophers and scholars of education with a single source for significant work bearing on important educational issues.

Studies in Philosophy and Education

Studies in Philosophy and Education is an international journal that publishes philosophical articles on educational research, policy, and practice. The journal Òthe journal promotes exchange and collaboration among philosophers, philosophers of education, educational and social science researchers, and educational policy makers throughout the world.

Educational Philosophy and Theory

Educational Philosophy and Theory is a journal that publishes a wide range of articles concerning educational philosophy, from pure and applied research, curriculum theory, educational administration, the politics of education, educational history, educational policy, and higher education.

Educational Studies

Educational Studies is a journal dedicated to presenting a forum for original investigations and theoretical studies in education. The journal focuses on social sciences, and aims to inform educational practices.

Teaching Ethics

Teaching Ethics publishes peer-reviewed articles dedicated to ethical issues, with focus on pedagogical methodology and practice in both academic inquiry and professional practice. The journal provides a forum for academic dialogue in the education of ethics in business, trade, medicine, technology, and so on.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy exclusively publishes practical and theoretical articles related to teaching and learning philosophy.

Journal of Moral Education

Journal of Moral Education offers an interdisciplinary forum treating all aspects of moral education and development. It contains philosophical analyses, reports of empirical research and evaluation of educational strategies.