About Our Program

The Philosophy Department offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate level which cover every major area of philosophy as well as its history. Students can major or minor in the subject. In addition, the department sponsors two undergraduate philosophy organizations: the Philosophy Club, which is open to all UM undergraduates, and Phi Sigma Tau, a chapter of the National Honor Society in Philosophy. Both groups afford students regular opportunities to meet, eat, and talk philosophy with each other and with graduate students and faculty in the department. All undergraduates who are interested in philosophy are welcome to participate in these philosophical events.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the study of the most basic moral, scientific, legal, aesthetic, religious, and metaphysical concepts and theories by which we understand ourselves and our universe. It is a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths, a quest for understanding, a study of principles of conduct. It analyzes the basic assumptions and concepts of other disciplines and the norms that govern interpersonal relations and the acquisition of knowledge. It seeks to establish standards of evidence, to provide rational methods of resolving conflicts, and to create techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments. Philosophers are dedicated to developing the following abilities: reasoning clearly, distinguishing between good and bad arguments, thinking through complicated questions, and using reason in situations that are often governed by emotions. Studies have shown that philosophy majors do extremely well on standardized tests, and in careers that require analytical abilities such as the practice of law and software development. But irrespective of career choice, philosophy deepens one's sense of the meaning and varieties of human experience, and enhances self-knowledge, foresight, and sense of direction in life.

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Philosophy Honors

A program of work toward graduation with Honors in Philosophy is available for qualified students. Interested students should consult the Departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies during their sophomore or junior years.

Philosophy Club & Phi Sigma Tau

Advisor for these organizations is Dr. Elijah Chudnoff. See directly below for email. 

Have Questions?

Students considering majoring or minoring in philosophy should discuss their plans with Dr. Elijah Chudnoff, the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies. His office is in the Ashe Building, Room 707. Email: e.chudnoff@miami.edu.