2018 Graduates:

Theodore Locke, "Counterpossibles for Modal Normativists". Visiting Assistant Professor. University of North Florida. 

2017 Graduates:

Lance Aschliman, "Reconsidering Epistemic Evaluation", did not do academic job search. 

Daniel Corrigan, "Frontiers of Human Rights: Corporate Responsibility and the Environment." Assistant Professor (TT) Marymount University. Initial Placement: Arsht Ethics Initiatives Post-Doctoral Associate in Business Ethics and Bioethics, University of Miami.

Nihel Jhou, "Reviving the Transient Present in a Relativistic Universe: a Novel Approach".

2016 Graduates:

Barthlomiej Chomanski, “The Spatial Structure of Unified Consciousness”. Visiting Assistant Professor. Northeastern University. From Fall 2016, Adjunct, Montgomery College.

Sarah Beth Lesson, “Making Ourselves Intelligible: A Nondescriptivist Approach to Propositional Attitudes”. Assistant Professor (TT), Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California. From Fall, 2017.

John Pinkston, “Evidence and Hypothesis in Clinical Medical Science”, did not do academic job search.

Rina Tzinman, “Reviving the Body”. Instructor (renewable). Bilkent University, Turkey. From Fall 2016. Postdoctoral Fellowship, Ben Gurion University (with Hagit Benbaji), One Year. Postdoctoral Fellowship, Edelstein Center (Hebrew University) 2018-19.

2015 Graduates:

David Augustin Garnette Hodge, Sr., "Jesus the Virtue Ethicist: A Metaethical Anticipation of Moral Sentimentalism, Empathy and Care". Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion (TT) at Florida Memorial University. 

Micah Dugas, “Relativism, Disagreement ad Assertion”. Math teacher at Rayne High School, Rayne LA. Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

2014 Graduates:

Noel Alphonse, “Recent Critiques and Defenses of Ethical Intuitionism”, Lecturer (1 year) at University of Miami. From Fall 2014. Instructor, Florida International University, 2016. 

Rami El Ali.“Relationalism and the Varieties of Misrepesentation”, Assistant Professor (TT) at the Lebanese American University, Lebanon.

Nurbay Irmak, "Purpose-Relativity and Ontology". Assistant Professor (TT) at Bogazici University, Turkey. 

Philipp Schwind, “Moral Knowledge without Justification? A Critical Discussion of Intuitionist Moral Epistemology”. Senior Teaching and Research Associate at the Center for Ethics at the University of Zurich (three-year renewable).

Benjamin Yelle, “Personal Well-Being”,Visiting Instructor, Mount Holyoke College (1 year) From Fall 2015. Northeaster University, Teaching Assistant Professor (renewable and promotable). From Fall 2016.

2013 Graduates:

Fredrik Haraldsen, “The Variety of Names”. Full-Time Temporary Instructor (three-year renewable) at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Department of Philosophy. From Fall 2014. Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Slovak Academy of Arts and Sciences from Fall 2015.

Michael Hurlburt, “Ethics and Fiction: Imaginary Evil and Aesthetic Value”, Assistant Professor (TT), Broward College, Department of Humanities and Communication, from Fall 2011.

Ryan Lake, “No Fate but what we Make: A Defense of the Compatibility of Freedom and Causal Determinism”. Assistant Professor (TT) Georgia Perimeter College. Initial Placement: Lecturer (renewable) at Clemson University, Department of Philosophy and Religion.

Mark Douglas Warren, "Lightweight Moral Realism: Objectivity and Reasoning Without Heavyweight Facts". Assistant Professor (TT) at Daemen College, from Fall 2016. Initial Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor at Miami University, Oxford Ohio.

Aaron Wilson, “Peirce’s Empiricism: Placing Peirce in the Empiricist Tradition”. Instructor (permanent) at South Texas College. From Fall 2013.

2012 Graduates:

Nick Wiltsher, "The Structure of Sensory Imagination". Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Philosophical Psychology, Antwerp, Belgium, 2017-18. Visiting Instructor, Auburn University, from Fall 2016. From Fall 2014, Lecturer (1-year) (U.S. equivalent: Visiting Assistant Professor), Leeds, England.  From Fall 2012. Post-doctoral Fellow at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, from March 2014. 

Daniel Hampikian “An Investigation of Moral Emotions in Non-Human Animals”. Adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Miami and at Miami Dade College. From Fall 2013.

Daniel Cohen, "A Defense of Two-Level Ethical Theory," only sought private high school position. Current position: Teacher, Lancaster Country Day School, Lancaster PA, 2011 to present.

2011 Graduates:

Kristin Borgwald, "Extending Care" Assistant Professor (TT), Miami-Dade College.

Brian Mondy, "The Aims and Value of Inquiry". Lecturer (permanent), University of Minnesota-Rochester, from Fall 2012.

Kristjan Laasik, "Fufillment in Perception: A Critique of Alva Noe's Enactive View". Assistant Professor (TT equivalent). Shandong University, China. From January 2013.

Ben Burgis: "A Critical Assessment of Dialetheism". Lecturer (1-year). University of Miami. From Fall 2012. Post-Doctoral Fellow (2 years) at Underwood International College of Yonsei University in the Republic of Korea from Fall 2013.

2010 Graduates:

Meggan Payne-Padvorac, "Truth in Philosophy and Fiction" Instructor (part-time), Bellevue College. (Did not do an academic job search).

2009 Graduates:

Michael McCracken, "Prospects for a Deflationary Account of the Ontology of Propositions"; (Did not seek academic position).

2008 Graduates:

Jeremy Morris, "The Epistemic Significance of Pure Indexicality" Visiting Assistant Professor, Ohio University, 2008 - present.

Matthew Schuh, "The Epistemic Necessity and Ethical Permissibility of Randomized Clinical Trials: A Minimalist Defense" Assistant Professor (TT), Miami - Dade College.

Leonard Olsen, "A Groundwork for the Theory of Notation" Assistant Professor, Philander Smith College in Little Rock Arkansas.

2006 Graduates:

Nenad Popovic, "In Search of the Best Solution to the Skeptical Puzzle: A Comparative Analysis of Possible Responses" Visiting Lecturer, Southern Methodist University.

2005 Graduates:

Hsi-Heng Cheng, "A Peircean Theory of Real Kinds" Assistant Professor (TT), National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

Corina Vaida, "How Kant needs to Interpret Free Will" Visiting Assistant Professor, William and Mary, 2005 - 2011.

Sheron Fraser-Burgess, "How Can a Multicultural Society Educate its Members for Pluralism?" Assistant Professor (TT), Ball State University.

2004 Graduates:

Shirong Luo, "Morality and Human Nature: Classical Confucian Ethics and Sentimentalist Virtue Ethics" Assistant Professor, Simmons College. Previous appointment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Mount Holyoke College.

Kiriake Xerohemona, "Liar, Language, and Truth." Lecturer (full time, renewable), Florida International University.

Melissa Bergeron, "The Ethics of Belief: Our Duty to Humanity" Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy at West Point.

2002 Graduates:

Timothy Mosteller, "Epistemological Relativism: Macintyre, Putnam and Rorty." Assistant Professor (tenure track), California Baptist University. 

Eivind Balsvik, "Triangulation, Interpretation, and First-Person Authority: A Essay on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson." Lecturer, University of Oslo (Norway).

Yvette Pearson, "Procreation and Obligation." Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University. 

Michael Veber, "Recent Rationalism: A Survey and Evaluation of Contemporary Theories of the A Priori." Assistant Professor (TT), East Carolina University.

Rosa Mayorga, "On Universals: The Scholastic Realism of John Duns Scotus and Charles Sanders Peirce." Assistant Professor (TT), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

2001 Graduates:

Anthony J. Kreider, "On the Likelihood of Finding a Satisfactory Naturalistic Explanation of Mental Representation." Assistant Professor, Miami-Dade Community College.

Jason Borenstein, "Expertise and the Courts." Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mark Neunder, "The Ethics of Genetic Engineering." Associate Professor, Miami-Dade Community College. 

2000 Graduates:

Michael J. Shaffer, "Idealization and Empirical Testing." Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.

1999 Graduates:

Bernardo J. Cantens, "Suarez and Meinong on Beings of Reason and Non-Existent Objects." Assistant Professor, Barry University.

Fred Altieri, "Cerebral Commissurotomy, Consciousness, Minds, and Persons." Assistant Professor, North Shore Community College.

Robert B. Horner, "A Defense of Davidson's Theory of Metaphor." Assistant Professor, Barry University.

1998 Graduates:

Ruben Rabinsky, "Philosophy of Journalism: On the Theory and Practice of the News Enterprise." Lecturer, University of Miami.

Robert E. Lane, "Charles Sanders Peirce and the Principle of Bivalence." Visiting Assistant Professor, State University of West Georgia.

Christopher J. Hajec, "The Argument from Order." (Current position not known.)

1997 Graduates:

William F. Hasselberger, "Heidegger's Thinking on Art." (Non-academic career, living in Portugal.)

John C. Wingard, Jr., "Plantinga on Proper Functionalism, Knowledge, and Rationality." Associate Professor, Erskine College.

Alfredo Perez-Triff, "World Making, Praxis, and the Genealogy of Cubism." Violinist and composer; Assistant Professor, Miami-Dade Community College

Gene Ray, "The Use and the Abuse of the Sublime: Joseph Beuys and Art after Auschwitz." (Postdoctoral research in Germany; until recently Curator, Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota. Current position not known.)

1996 Graduates:

James A. Ryan, "Ethical Naturalism." Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario, Huron College.

Shannon Krenkel, "Victims' Rights in Capital Sentencing." (Current position not known.)

Sally N. Wiedmann, "Rawlsian Justice and Environmental Ethics." Assistant Professor, North Georgia College and State University.

William Harper, "Internalism and Externalism in Epistemic Justification." Instructor, University of Alabama.