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cantalamessaElizabeth Cantalamessa received her B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from the University of Wyoming. Her primary interests are in social ontology, aesthetics, and philosophy of language. She is also interested in the philosophy of law, disability studies, and 19th-20th century existentialism. Her current research focuses on topics related to conceptual ethics and conceptual engineering. 


davDavid DiDomenico received his M.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University and his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Akron. His philosophical interests are in philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, and cognitive science. He is currently writing a dissertation on the nature and epistemology of inference.

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Iago Bozza Francisco

NathalyNathaly Garcia

KariKari Hanson-Park

JaredJared Hanson-Park

Adam Hauptfeld  graduated from the University of California - Santa Cruz in 2009 with a BA in Philosophy. His interests are in metaphysics and epistemology.

Wei Huang

Doğan Kazakli graduated with an M.A. in Philosophy from Bogazici University, Istanbul. My main interest in philosophy is the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of language.

casCasey Landers received a B.A. in philosophy and psychology from Texas Tech University and an M.A. in philosophy from Georgia State University. She is primarily interested in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, especially work on perception, representation, and experience.

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liuShih-Hao Liu received his BS in Biochemistry with a Philosophy minor from National Taiwan University. And he attended the MA program of Philosophy in National Yang-Ming University. His primary interest lies in Metaphysics, Metaphilosophy and Philosophy of Science.

Azenet Lopez earned her BA at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a thesis on Spinoza’s Ethics. There she also completed masters’ studies in metaphysics and ontology. At the UM, she is cultivating her interest in the philosophy of mind and the cognitive sciences. Her current research focuses on the relations between attention and phenomenal consciousness.



Haley Mathis graduated from Trinity University in 2011 with a B.A. in philosophy. Her primary interests are in ethical theory, moral psychology, feminism, and applied ethics. Her current research focuses on the intersection between Care Ethics and Moral Responsibility.


Amanda McMullen graduated from Stetson University in 2012 with a BA. Her primary interests are in metaphysics, metametaphysics, epistemology, and Kant.

Felipe G. A. Moreira graduated from Boston College in 2013 with a M.A. in Philosophy. His main philosophical interests are in metaphysics, metametaphysics, history of 20th century philosophy and German philosophy (especially, Nietzsche and Carnap). He is also a published poet.

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Shea Musgrave was born and raised in San Diego. He received his BA from Washington and Lee University in 2011, where he dual-majored in philosophy and religion. At W&L his primary philosophical background was in the history of philosophy. After completing his undergraduate degree he attended the MA program at Arizona State University where his interests shifted to metaphysics and the philosophy of language.

NicNicolas Nicola received his BA in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Toronto. Upon completion, he attended the MA Program in Philosophy at Queen’s University. His primary interests lie at the intersection of the philosophy of mind, epistemology, and ethics. ‌‌

Jon Odito is a 3rd-year Phd student. He is interested in Ethics, Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind. In particular, he is interested in the ethical dimensions of maturity: he is interested in studying maturity, not just as a developmental phenomenon, as they do in humanistic psychology, but also as a moral phenomenon, in particular, as a distinct virtue, just like the cardinal, canonical virtues of Justice and Temperance and Courage.


Seong Oh graduated from Tufts University in 2011 with a MA in philosophy. Her main philosophical interests are in the philosophy of language, particularly the way language works between mind and world.

Jordan Schummer graduated from San Diego State University in 2013 with an M.A. in philosophy. His primary philosophical interests are in the philosophy of film, philosophy of art, and philosophy of mind. He also has interests in metaphysics and philosophy of language.


jisooJisoo Seo (pronounced G-sue Suh) received her MA at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea in 2016. Her MA thesis was on states of affairs as truthmakers for predicative truths. Her interests range from general philosophy of science and scientific ontology to meta-ontology and metaphysics in general.


Daniel Tippens received his BA in philosophy with a minor in genetics from New York University. After graduating, and before coming to Miami, he performed immunotherapy research on pancreatic cancer and liver disease at New York University School of Medicine. His primary interests are in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, but he has secondary interests in applied ethics. He also has a commitment to writing philosophy for a general audience.

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kateKate Villa graduated from St. Olaf College in 2016 with a B.A. in philosophy and earned an M.S. in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018. Her main interests are in ethics, specifically theories of value, well-being, and happiness. She also works on political philosophy, philosophy in literature, and is interested in the idea of praxis or, the active practice of philosophy.

vivancoMelisa Vivanco

Matthew Watts received a bachelors of science in philosophy from Portland State University, in Portland, Oregon. His interests are wide ranging, but he has primarily worked within perception, philosophy of mind and cognitive science. 

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Theodore Locke
Dissertation Title: Counterpossibles for Modal Normativists